After sessioning on my own for a number of years I’ve now found out how much fun it is to work with others, be that filming or sessioning.

For me, it gives me an insight into how other people session and lets me bounce off another person, usually to the detriment of the poor submissive we are torturing. The dynamic changes and the intensity increases to the point that there is usually no let up. It can be very challenging indeed but I’ve yet to come across anyone who either couldn’t cope, or didn’t enjoy it.

For the submissive there is the realisation of a long held fantasy of two beautiful women using them, abusing them and giving their full attention to them. Heaven for most submissives I’ve found.

The Hunteress, the Caning Mistress LA2017-J109
Known as the Caning Mistress but there are so many strings to her bow. Having done many varied session with her I can safely say that despite being an expert at CP there are many more activities I’d class her as expert in too. From medical sessions, interrogation scenes to roleplay and psychological domination. She also has a quick wit and a sharp mind to compliment her expertise. If you would like to session or film with us both then let me know and I will see if it can be arranged. Alternatively, if you are ever in the same part of the world when The Hunteress is touring I’d highly recommend applying to serve her. You will be mesmerised!

Mistress Miranda, the Bondage Mistress
I first happened across Mistress Miranda many years ago while I was still honing my bondage skills. Back then there were only stills on websites, but I could tell that she was someone who had elevated herself with her skills, creativity and sheer passion for her craft. Again though, this is not the only area of interest for her. She also has spent years building one of the best medical fetish facilities in the UK. Believe me she also has the skills to match the equipment. I’ve now filmed and sessioned with Mistress Miranda on a number of occasions and every time I have so much fun and am amazed at her ingenuity. If you would like to arrange a D/D session with Mistress Miranda and I, or would like the opportunity to film with us then do get in touch. Alternatively, if you find yourself in London and in need of an expert examination and treatment, then Mistress Miranda is someone you should apply to see. You will thank me later I promise!

Lucky slave againSerious Images and Serious Bondage
Again, I happened across Serious Bondage years ago when I was searching the web for cool and unusual bondage pictures and sites. Back then it was just in it’s infancy, being a stills site with articles. I was hooked. I remember recommending it to some of my bondage bunnies to enjoy. Then when they moved onto doing video shoots my happiness was complete. I’ve been a member of their pay site over the years and love the diversity of the bondage as well as the ingenuity and creativity. Just when you think there cannot be anything new to see as far as bondage goes, well Mark and his crew at seriousimages proves me wrong. You can appreciate now how delighted I was to get the opportunity to film with them at my premises here in Edinburgh. We managed to get some cool films of one of my chaps in the dungeon as well as some medical bondage with the fabulous kinkster Elise Graves. I’m hoping to get more of an opportunity to film again with them. If you’re interested in bondage then you seriously need to check out their sites.

Locked for Infinity
This next one is not a sessioning or filming collaboration but a kit collaboration. Mr Grimly from LFI has also been a huge influence on my interest in bondage for years. I wrote about it here on my blog. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for years now and know the quality of his work. In fact he made me my first set of leather wrist cuffs about 15 years ago. So when we had the opportunity recently to work together to bring about some modifications to my equipment, I was delighted. His kit on the website is second to none, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as his ideas and creativity go. When I have an idea for making my bondage equipment better, he has an idea to make my idea better, always! So if you ever want to buy yourself (or me) some quality bondage gear, or commission something then I’d more than recommend Mr Grimly. And I won’t even take a commission fee!