My Chambers  Lucky slave My chambers are situated less than a mile from Edinburgh City Centre. Close enough to be easy to get to but far enough away to avoid the hustle and bustle of city centre life.

The premises are my own private chambers equipped for all sorts of differing scenarios from a Main Dungeon Chamber, complete with a full rubber isolation bondage cell, to a fully equipped Medical Clinic for every Medical Fetish and Medical Mistress scenario.

As I’ve said these are my own private chambers. Equipped with every item that I’ve ever wanted to make my interactions as pleasing and inventive as possible for me and those who visit.

I never rent my chambers out

This is important to me. I want, no need, absolute control over who visits, the hygiene standards and how the equipment is used. I also feel strongly that to make my time flow with ease and fluidity I need to be assured that every item of kit is where it should be and I can easily lay my hands on what I want in that exact moment.

You will not find any other client or Mistress here when you visit. You will always be guaranteed complete discretion.



Dungeon walkthrough 1.
Dungeon walkthrough 2.
Dungeon walkthrough 3.

It would be too time consuming to list all of my equipment here. Suffice to say that I don’t think there is much on the market that I’ve not acquired. If I’ve not bought something it’s usually because I either don’t have room any more or I don’t think it would bring me much enjoyment. Below is a selection of the kit that can be found in my chambers. If your tastes are more of a clinical nature, I would advise visiting my Medical Mistress site.