Who I Am Ever wondered who becomes a Professional Dominatrix and what kind of women they are?

I can only speak for myself, but if you’re interested I’ll let you know.

I’m an evolved woman. Some people say they were born kinky or born Dominant. For me, it’s been my life experiences that’s brought me to a place in my life where being this person and leading this life is the only thing that feeds my soul.

With a number of years experience as a professional, I can safely say that when I’m indulging, life is more colourful, more interesting and more fulfilling for me.

I have three main interests that attract my attention. These are Bondage, Latex and Medical play. I’ve spent years honing my craft to a level I believe I can now say I am highly skilled. However, I still delight in finding new ways to physically and psychologically dominate you.

You may have experience, you may not. It’s not important to me. Neither is how you look, how much you earn, your occupation or any other superfluous detail. What is important is whether we fit, we match as Dominant and submissive/fetishist/masochist. I’m less interested in your chosen identity than I am in your outlook on life, interactions and connection.

As you might imagine, I’m not someone who can be shocked easily. There is nothing you could tell me, there is no experience you crave, nor is there any feeling you want to engender that will make me raise an eyebrow or roll my eyes. I’m always fascinated by the imagination and creativity of the people who come to me and feel inclined to open up.

Under my heels.

An expert at work.

Heavy rubber investment.