Connecting with me I prefer to arrange appointments in advance. I usually book up a few weeks in advance, however do still get in touch if you are looking for a short notice appointment. Weekends are my downtime. It is very rare that I session at weekends. I rarely look at my inbox and I certainly never answer my phone. Mondays are a good day for getting hold of me.

Before being considered for a session, you will be required to complete the contact form on this page as part of my selection process.

My tribute for Sessions in my Chambers are as follows:

Session length Standard Heavy rubber
1 hour £180 N/A
1.5 hours £240 N/A
2 hours £290 £320
2.5 hours £340 £380
3 hours £390 £440
3.5 hours £440 £500
4 hours £490 £560


If your session is part chambers and part medical you should enquire as to the individual tribute for your tailored session when arranging an appointment.

If we get to the stage of arranging an appointment then I will require a small deposit to be made online for first time clients. However, if you are unable or unwilling to make a deposit then we should go no further in your application. I’m afraid I am unable to make any exceptions to this rule.

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